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another lurch to the Right


They think some protoplasm is worth more than a mother's life They'll bomb out every clinic to save it from the surgeon's knife And then reward the rapist with his victim for a wife When the child is born, all protection is withdrawn. And I don't know where we're going if this goes on.


-- a song I recorded in 2013 (https://woozalia.bandcamp.com/track/if-this-goes-on)

I'm picturing the Supreme Court lined up on the deck of a ship, facing starboard. Gosh, why are they sliding to the right so fast? Answer: the ship is sinking.

Fortunately, we have time and materials to build more lifeboats... at least in theory.

To help abortion-seekers in Alabama: https://twitter.com/robinmarty/status/1540344773457989635

If you use a non-FOSS app to track your periods, might want to uninstall that thing ASAP: https://twitter.com/sonicmega/status/1540391578488819712 Key sentence: "With the removal of Roe v. Wade, that info can be used to seek out individuals who may be “at risk” for getting abortions…and used as evidence to convict you." (Don't think the "pro-life" squad won't do this. They've done much worse.)

Protests are already planned nationwide. https://map.wewontgoback.com/ The two closest to Durham (so far):

And to our GOP-aligned neighbors: can we count on you to stand with us in this, against the creeping tide of fascism that this represents? Pretty please?