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=Republican Policy Hall of Shame=
=Republican Policy Hall of Shame=
* [[/bathroom]]
* [[/bathroom]]

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Republican Policy Hall of Shame

  • /bathroom
  • /anti-feminism, aka the War on Women
  • /anti-voting: voter ID laws etc.
  • /theocracy aka "religious freedom"
  • working to weaken labor, strengthen owners, when the opposite is needed:
    • "right to work" laws (dishonest)
    • opposition to minimum wage raises
    • opposition to workplace safety regulation
  • anti-gay laws
  • anti-abortion laws
  • "aid creates dependency"
  • tax cuts for the rich
  • anti-contraception
  • "abstinence-based education"
  • creationism
  • opposition to Obamacare
    • voted 50 times to repeal it
  • repeatedly investigated Benghazi, even after their own committee found no wrongdoing
  • wrote a letter to our enemies weakening our hand in negotiations
  • the whole "birth certificate" nonsense
  • deliberate obstructionism
  • holding the government hostage (fiscal cliff)
  • states' refusal to expand Medicaid under Obamacare
  • requiring welfare recipients to be drug-free
  • obsession with profit and "free" markets, by which they mean more power for the powerful
  • state laws restraining local government:
    • from protecting the rights of gays, trans people, etc.
    • from creating municipal internet
    • from making laws (e.g. zoning) that take accelerated sea-level rise into account
    • from having any autonomy at all (see Michigan, Wisconsin)
  • anti-ecology laws
  • gun control prevention
  • hypocrisy: using "the sanctity of marriage" as an anti-gay argument, while themselves being philanderers

Pointless Opposition to Sustainable Energy