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=Republican Leadership Hall of Shame=
=Republican Leadership Hall of Shame=

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Republican Leadership Hall of Shame


  • officials in high office with patently false beliefs
    • Ted Cruz - believes US was founded as a Christian nation; hired serial liar David Barton, who also promotes this myth, to run his super PAC[1]
  • horrible mismanagement of states and cities
    • Bobby Jindal
    • Scott Walker
      • wasted taxpayer money by requiring TANF recipients to be tested for drugs
      • Refused Medicaid expansion, despite changing his mind briefly [1]
      • Ignores scientific consensus on global warming, despite admitting he's not a scientist and despite direct evidence in his state
      • officially withdrew a citizen-approved referendum banning Gerrymandering, thus preventing them from being implemented
    • Rick Scott
  • idiotic candidates taken seriously:
    • see also above: Ted Cruz
    • The 2016 Republican candidates for US Senate have some bizarre ideas:
      • Peg Littleton (R) not only supports eliminating the EPA and opening up public lands for unlimited drilling, she also believes that fracking can't cause earthquakes because "You know God is kind of in control of those" -- and she wasn't laughed off the stage when she said this. She also wants the EPA eliminated. Completely. No environmental regulation, period.[2]
      • Robert Blaha (R): the EPA needs to have its "reach" reduced[2] (as if it hadn't already been, repeatedly)
      • Tim Neville (R): it should be "de-funded"[2] (...because what better way to efficiently close a vital government agency, and prudently conserve its resources for future use, than to just abruptly cut off its funding?)
      • Jerry Natividad (R): it's "killing hundreds of jobs" (and employs how many?)[2]
  • Reprehensible organizations: