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The Republican Party frequently claims to favor small government. While this support would be of dubious value even if it were genuine, it is not; the GOP frequently and reliably take actions which increase the size and overall oppressiveness of government.


  • created the incompetent and oppressive TSA
    • replaced private contractors with government employees
  • created the "Department of Homeland Security"
    • a completely unnecessary agency
    • further trolling us by giving it an Orwellonym
  • consistently resist efforts to reduce US torture or close US torture facilities [1]
  • support laws restricting women's control of their own bodies
    • support laws giving a woman fewer rights than her fetus
  • support laws restricting what individuals are allowed to purchase, drink/eat, or inhale
    • are the driving force between the war on drugs, which is responsible for
      • unprecedented mass incarceration
      • expansion of the police state and police powers
  • support laws imposing specific religious beliefs on others
    • support government-sponsored religious propaganda
      • mandatory prayer in schools
      • "Ten Commandments" monuments on government property
      • "Ten Commandments" and other religious posters in courtrooms and classrooms
      • religious displays on government property
  • support laws requiring children to repeat government propaganda (the Pledge of Allegiance)
  • greatly expanded Presidential powers when there was a Republican president, increasing governmental power over overall (except in certain areas)
    • didn't do anything substantial to reduce those powers after a Democrat became president
  • started two unnecessary wars, increasing military funding to disastrous proportions
    • pursued those wars with extraordinary incompetence, especially fiscal
  • support state laws preventing municipalities from creating their own internet service providers
  • 2012: opposed legislation to give small businesses tax breaks for hiring more workers [2]