Republican Party

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seedling article
This article is incomplete. It might be useful as a reference, but avoid offering it as a definitive presentation. Sources are needed.


  • make the most noise about fiscal responsibility, but implement irresponsible fiscal policy.
    • want to spend more money on wars
      • ...but not interested in paying for said wars through raised taxes
      • ...but not interested in taking care of the veterans of said wars
  • use small government arguments to get what they want while actually making government more oppressive
  • favor private wealth-concentration over conservation of common wealth
  • oppose funding for:
    • public education
    • public health
    • public safety
  • endorse religion as a basis for governance (dominionism); anti-secular
  • take many positions that cannot be defended rationally (typically for religious reasons):
    • anti-science
    • against sex education
    • against easy access to contraceptives
    • against bodily autonomy for women
    • favor racial profiling over more accurate methods of identifying criminals
    • oppose any kind of marriage or sexual relations except heterosexual
      • formerly used many of the same (bad) arguments to defend opposition to "interracial" marriages
  • favor authoritarian, top-down society with high inequality
    • pro-patriarchy
    • pro-plutonomy:
      • embrace the idea of selling principles to the highest bidder
      • against income taxation, especially of the wealthy and large businesses (i.e. the major funders of their campaigns)
    • tend to believe the "just world" fallacy
    • unsympathetic to those in need
  • originated and support the "war on terror"
  • originated and support the "war on drugs"
  • high level of tribalism (draw sharp line between "us" and "them"; expect unquestioning loyalty to "us")
  • supported the Wall Street bailout actually, it looks like more Democrats voted for this
  • 2010: after complaining that action on a small-business jobs bill was taking too long, Republicans effectively blocked passage of the bill when it was up for a vote.


News Items


CWRE is seeking input regarding positive aspects of the Republican Party versus other parties. We are not aware of any at this time.



There was considerable back-and-forth regarding criticism of the above points in comments here; these should probably be mapped out somewhere.