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Budget Crisis Propaganda
Myth: Liberal fiscal policies create more debt.


Liberal policies cause more debt, while "conservative" policies reduce it.


This is the opposite of the truth. From a fiscal viewpoint, liberal policies tend to do two things:

  • Engage in common-good investment that:
    • improves the economy over the long term (and often in the short term as well, e.g. stimulus spending)
    • disproportionately benefits those with the most need
  • Where spending is increased, taxes -- especially on those with the most surplus, i.e. the rich -- are increased to pay for the spending.
  • Liberal policies and laws frequently provide more overall benefit without actually being more expensive than existing policies and laws.
    • Obamacare, for example, was projected to be deficit-neutral (despite repeated right-wing claims that we "can't afford it") and is actually turning out to save more money than expected.
Spot the Tax-And-Spend Liberal

The anti-liberal mainstream media tends to dishonestly frame such responsible, forward-looking policies as "tax-and-spend" -- leaving many people with the image of personally being drained by taxation in order to pay for heedless liberal indulgence; an equally honest phrase for "conservative" policies would be "borrow-and-spend", since that has been the historical pattern for Republican/"conservative" administrations since the Reagan era.

"Conservative" – a misnomer for "Republican" – policies have been largely responsible for the deficit-growth that "conservatives" like to complain about.

Claim Examples

"Soon, I fear, this nation will become bankrupt and it we will be turned over to the communists/Marxists/socialists/liberal/progressives that have been weighing down our spending by encouraging deadbeats to go on welfare and suck this nation dry." - Google+, 2014-02-08