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If the "anti-abortion" forced birth movement truly wanted to reduce unwanted pregnancies, they would support:

  • birth control
  • easy access to birth control
  • free access to birth control
  • comprehensive sex education in all schools
  • ...with emphasis on the proper use of contraceptives
  • teaching adolescents mutual masturbation as an alternative to sex
  • empowering girls/women (so they can say "no" and mean it) by teaching equality and mutual respect

They oppose every one of these items, however, typically giving bullshit arguments:

  • Providing access to birth control, or teaching about birth control, encourages kids to have sex by giving the impression of condoning it.
  • "I don't want to pay for someone else's birth control!"
  • Masturbation is sinful.
  • Women have a special role in society.

What they really want, of course, is for women to be unable to prevent pregnancy and to be forced to carry all pregnancies to term.